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I’ve been busy the last couple of days drumming up support and interest in the committee through social media (mainly Facebook) and pinning down our 2019 meeting dates (as I realised it would be much easier for users to get involved if they had lots of notice for the upcoming meetings). Social media may have many issues (I have teenagers!) but for connecting with people and getting your message out there in a quick and direct fashion, it’s brilliant. Since I posted an event for our next committee meeting, I have had several women contact me interested in finding out more and getting involved. Indeed, I’ve been so impressed with the interest that I have decided to organise a ‘meet the MVP’ coffee morning ahead of our September full committee meeting, to share what we are all about and what volunteering and being a ‘user rep’ entails. I’m sure we will be getting some really enthusiastic new users joining us soon… Date for ‘meet the MVP’ TBC asap, cheers Hannah (Chair)

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